Gardening Tips: April 2015

April is a beautiful month and a special one for me as I celebrate my birthday, and of course quite often like this year, there is Easter too! I love Easter not just for the bank holidays and mountains of chocolate to gorge my way through, but there are so many beautiful plants flowering at Easter time.

I’ve been enjoying my pink Camellia blooms and my tulips are close to flowering too. I love pots of Muscaris and Tete-a-tete daffodils and soon I’ll get to walk through my favourite spots flooded with bluebells.

I’m even more excited this month about the possibilities with my garden as I have just put my greenhouse together! I have a tin bursting with packets of seeds to sow, and catalogues of flowers I can’t resist.

As May and June approach, when many gardens look their best, I have started a list of gardens I want to see – it’s very inspiring seeing other gardener’s visions and there is always so much to learn.

I particularly love discovering new ways of planting old favourites and also finding plants I haven’t come across before. We are so lucky to be able to source so many different plants now, whether from the internet or our local garden centres who will order in plants and deliver them too.

It’s been a pleasure helping my friends and customers develop their gardens over the last year, it’s fantastic being able to offer ideas and recommendations for plants and discussing ideas and dreams and making them a reality. As our gardens spring into life it’s such an exciting prospect as the year unfolds!


Happy gardening!


Wishing you all a Happy Easter.


Jobs for April:

  • Watch out for aphids (especially on your roses) and remove
  • Move and divide perennials
  • Cut off old flowerheads on hydrangeas
  • Water pots – windy weather dries them out
  • Feed plants (including hedges and trees!) with a balanced fertiliser
  • Cut back any green branches on variegated shrubs
  • Weed, weed, weed!