• local gardens
  • Gardening Tips: June 2015


    This last month has been beautiful – I have enjoyed walks in bluebell woods nearby and admired the Rhododendrons at Stody Lodge Gardens, so many amazing colours and scents and so much promise of the season to come. Summer is finally here, bringing with it warmer temperatures and longer evenings. I have enjoyed watching the […]

  • spring
  • Gardening Tips: May 2015

    Warmer mornings filled with sunshine are what I’ve been longing for and the chorus of lawn mowers is a reminder that the grass cutting season has begun! Walking out into the garden you can find Paeony flower buds the size of golf balls, bleeding hearts shyly flowering away and the beds and borders springing to […]

  • spring
  • Gardening Tips: April 2015

    April is a beautiful month and a special one for me as I celebrate my birthday, and of course quite often like this year, there is Easter too! I love Easter not just for the bank holidays and mountains of chocolate to gorge my way through, but there are so many beautiful plants flowering at […]

  • spring
  • Gardening tips: March 2015

    It’s spring! It may not feel like it with the biting cold winds and the dark evenings and the garden looking sometimes quite drab and forlorn – but looking underneath the pools of leaves and brushing aside the crispy brown foliage you will spot some surprising and welcome signs of spring. I’ve been enjoying watching […]

  • winter
  • Gardening Tips: February 2015

    As I write this there is a velvety blanket of snow laying over the garden and rooftops. It has been an unusual and interesting month – stubborn roses are refusing to go dormant and so I find myself wonderfully having to deadhead roses in January! They are not the only shrubs unusually leafy and groaning […]

  • autumn
  • Gardening Tips: November 2014

    Winter flowering Iris

    November is a month of change as we slide towards winter and the first frosts arrive at last, there is Bonfire Night and fireworks to look forward to and the last few lingering warm autumn days to get out into the garden and enjoy… it’s especially lovely coming in from gardening at this time of […]

  • autumn
  • Gardening Tips: October 2014

    pansy, an example of winter bedding

    As we have now passed the autumn equinox and the daylight is fast beginning to fade day by day, autumn is truly underway. It’s fantastic watching the trees change into rich colours and finding pools of leaves collecting – not quite big enough to really tramp in yet though! It’s time to unbury the rake […]