Gardening Newsletter April 2021

Hello and welcome all – this month I’ve got a feature about a local North Norfolk pub who’ve turned their garden around to open outdoors last Monday, a couple of gardening programmes I’m recommending and to top it off a mention of a rare garden event I’m looking forward to – oh and not forgetting the regular list of gardening jobs for the month ahead. Let’s dig in!

The Village Inn, West Runton: Before & After

I may be biased because I’m related to the pubsman through my boyfriend, but I expect many of you will be surprised and happy to see the amazing transformation of this lovely old pub garden – here are a couple of pics I took before and after:

In the spirit of transformations, I’ve been enjoying some old gardening programmes – it’s been great watching Monty going round serving out advice to gardeners on how to reinvent their gardens, and he holds nothing back! It’s called Big Dreams, Small Spaces and is currently available to watch on Amazon Prime. Each episode deals with a different type of garden, and covers a range including Japanese gardens, coastal and rose gardens.

I’ve also enjoyed watching the old series of light-hearted gardening sleuths Rosemary & Thyme, using their horticultural skills to unearth villains – I can’t vouch that no plants were harmed in filming, and it is sad to see so many lovely plants wrecked but you know it always comes right in the end, and there are an unbelievable amount of flowers to appreciate throughout, I was pretty envious at the vases of beautiful flowers mounting up in each scene!

It has got me ready for some garden open days coming up, the one I’m most looking forward to is:

Thurning Hall Gardens, in aid of Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Open May 29 and 30, 10.30 am until 4pm.

Admission is £3.

If all this talk of gardening has got you ready to pick up your tools, here’s a little list of jobs to be getting done over the next few weeks:

– Tie in climbers, especially your roses

– Mulch your plants with compost, water fully then put a nice thick ring of compost at the base of plants around their stems and trunks

– Feed plants with slow release fertiliser granules, as a general guide, scoop a handful out per plant

– Cut back Camellias after flowering – lightly for mature plants, with secateurs, the aim is to keep them bushy and restrict their height. For younger plants, you’ll want to snip off any crazy growing branches that are too sprawling

– Sow seeds – there are so many plants to grow, a few of the easiest I’d recommend are: ANNUALS (short lived plants, generally die in winter) Nasturtium, Alyssum, Zinnia, Sweet Peas, Sunflowers. PERENNIALS (grow back each year) Verbena, Dahlia, Penstemon, Delphinium.

Right I’d better get back out in the garden so that’s all for now, happy weeding!