Gardening Tips: February 2015

As I write this there is a velvety blanket of snow laying over the garden and rooftops. It has been an unusual and interesting month – stubborn roses are refusing to go dormant and so I find myself wonderfully having to deadhead roses in January!

They are not the only shrubs unusually leafy and groaning with flowers – also Fuchsias. Snowdrops have been flowering for weeks and I noticed daffodils blooming in the verges from mid January.

According to The Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland, we can usually expect about 30 different types of flowers at this time of year but this year they have recorded 300 in bloom. Spring is on its way, no doubt and my tulips are enjoying an early emergence too.

Despite the mild weather we have seen some picturesque frosts and light snows, and during my quiet spells I have learned some new skills and proudly re-launched my website.

You’ll now find it easier than ever to find me online, and if you miss an issue of my column you’ll be able to find it on my website – your friends can even subscribe to receive a monthly update of my columns, tips and blog posts tailored to gardens in North Norfolk. I have a lot more planned for the year ahead too, so it’s worth checking back regularly if you don’t want to miss out!

In my garden too, changes are afoot – I have dug my flowerbeds and all sorts of plants have germinated and reproduced and I am starting to have clumps that need dividing already so I’m looking forward to lots of flowers and fun with sorting out in my garden this year.

With the mild weather I have felt especially inspired to get sowing seeds – you can pop sweet peas in now. I recommend it, they are so easy and unfussy to grow and some are fabulously scented too – great for the summer. If you are sowing now, it’s a good idea to sort out your greenhouse – give it a thorough clean and wash out your pots too with soapy water.

If you’re too busy getting ready for Valentines to think about the garden this month, you could do something extra romantic and forego the usual roses and buy a pot of daffodils which you can plant up when they’re finished so that they bloom every year – though I wouldn’t count on them blooming for Valentines every year!

What changes are you planning for your garden in the year ahead?  If you need some help please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

Happy Gardening!

Jobs for February:

  • Cut back brown, dying foliage.
  • Cut off Hellebore leaves so that you can properly admire the flowers now opening up.
  • Check tree stakes and frost protection (e.g. Horticultural fleece) is still in place.
  • Watch out for slugs and snails and remove.
  • Keep your flowerbeds free from leaves and keep turning the soil to expose pests.
  • Deadhead winter bedding.
  • Weed and clear leaves off of pathways.