“Helen has done, and continues to do, an amazing job on my garden.  It was completely out of control when she took it in hand and it now gives me so much pleasure.  It is now a very, very pretty and scented cottage garden, which really suits my cottage.

Helen is lovely to have around.  She is very knowledgeable and ready to advise without pushing.  She listens to what I like, reins me in from expensive and very saddening mistakes, and runs with my foibles i.e. no orange.
She works really hard in her time here and I cannot thank her enough for the ongoing transformation.  My family, friends and neighbours all admire what she does and think I am very lucky to have found her, which I know I am.”
North Walsham

“Helen has been helping us with our garden for about 18 months and has made a huge impact.  Her knowledge and expertise has helped develop the borders and to ensure that the plants are in the right place and are growing healthily.  She has had many imaginative ideas which have transformed the look of the garden.

She is also practical and has been very generous with her knowledge. Although we are not gardeners as such, we have started to get more involved and this is entirely due to Helen’s motivational approach to gardening.  This has been very rewarding and a credit to Helen’s patience and willingness to explain what is needed.

We trust her judgement, expertise and have found her a pleasure to have around.  We, therefore, have no hesitation in highly recommending her and can confirm she is honest, hard-working and reliable.”

Ardna and Dan,
West Beckham

“We were lucky enough to have been among the very first clients to hire Helen when she started up her business. Since then she has tended our garden on a regular fortnightly basis, most notably helping us to create a flowerbed from scratch. We allocated a small budget to her, out of which she has created for us something spectacular, choosing shrubs for colour and year-round interest.

As well as sharing her in-depth knowledge of plants in general, Helen has the gift of insight and has provided us with a plethora of ideas on how to develop our garden to its full potential.”

Sue and Tomas,

Empty flowerbed              Flowerbed brimming over with flowers after being designed and planted at Thornleigh


“Helen has been working for us for the past two years. When she found us the garden was in a ramshackle mess with no cohesion or plan. Although I had dreamt of having a wonderful garden (I’ve certainly had a vision in my head of how it could be) it has been extremely difficult for me to make it happen… Helen has been able to transform our garden. It now has cohesion with continuous colour and interest.

For this reason amongst many others, Helen is the perfect match for us and our garden. She intuitively understands our garden and how the plants need to be arranged and organised to start bringing about the type of garden I’ve been dreaming of.

Her plant knowledge and technical know-how is clearly excellent. I have built up such a good understanding with her that I am confident to always be able to trust her judgement and heed her advice. Helen is self-motivated, reliable and able to work confidently by herself. She is also always available to talk and discuss ideas when my schedule permits.

I am absolutely over the moon with Helen The Gardener – for me – and our garden – she simply could not be a more perfect match!”

Karen and Peter,