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    Intricately patterned Cyclamen leaf

    It’s an exciting time of year as changes are now moving us quickly out of autumn and there is so much to enjoy. Apples have mostly fallen and the blackbirds are busily tucking in! Bonfire night is approaching and fireworks will be lighting up the skies. Our days are already noticeably shorter now and I […]

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  • Gardening Tips: October 2015

    pumpkin for Halloween

    Cold, crisp mornings with lawns drenched in dew are now feeling normal as we head into mid-autumn. The autumn equinox has been and gone, and the days are shorter than the nights – and the pumpkins are so enormous that they are more than ready for their big night on Halloween. Gardens may feel like […]

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  • Gardening Tips: November 2014

    Winter flowering Iris

    November is a month of change as we slide towards winter and the first frosts arrive at last, there is Bonfire Night and fireworks to look forward to and the last few lingering warm autumn days to get out into the garden and enjoy… it’s especially lovely coming in from gardening at this time of […]

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  • Gardening Tips: October 2014

    pansy, an example of winter bedding

    As we have now passed the autumn equinox and the daylight is fast beginning to fade day by day, autumn is truly underway. It’s fantastic watching the trees change into rich colours and finding pools of leaves collecting – not quite big enough to really tramp in yet though! It’s time to unbury the rake […]